The small hamam found at the lower part of the city.



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Eleni I. Kanetaki

The lower city small hammam.

The lower city small hammam. From Machiel Kiel’s digital archive

The lower city small hammam. From Machiel Kiel’s digital archive.





























The city of Ancient Corinth survives today a number of three Ottoman baths (hamams), two of medium and one of small size.
The Lower Town hamam is found at the northern part of the village. The small bath is composed of two rooms, the main square shaped warm hall, measuring εσωτερικά 2,62×2,72 μ., covered with a semicircular dome, elevated from ground level at a height of 0,60m, and the rectangular shaped reservoir room, with the heated cauldron, that still is covered by a barrel vault coverage.
The small hamam is found in a fenced private property and is unfortunately used inappropriately as a hennery.