The settlement of Sykia and the location of the so called Kiamil Bey’s summer residence (Googleearth).






























The Sgouraioi tower (named also as Metaxas) is found in Sykia, which according to oral sources originally belonged to Kiamil Bey of Corinth.

It is a small building consisting of two storeys, a ground floor and first floor 12,00×6,00 m (and 12,00x 7,80 m at the vertical part of the T), which has been radically altered. It is constructed of masonry, which has been plastered.

The small arched openings at the southeastern façade, located at the first floor only, are typical of its form, as well as the ashlar masonry on its narrow sides, where the axis is stressed by the decorated projection of the fireplace.


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Eleni I. Kanetaki
The main facade of the so called “Kiamil Bey”s” summer house in Sykia.The facade facing the Korinthian Gulf.The facade .with traces of the former chimney.Detail of the fireplace’s chimney at the facade. Deatail of the interior kitchen sink at the 1st floor (possible later modifications).Ther interior of the main hall at the 1st floor.The interior of the upper floor.