The American School of Classical Studies in Corinth started conducting excavations at the area in 1896, and is still active. The following publications here presented have been especially selected through the Corinth monograph series, as many of the results of these investigation published in the relevant volumes are related to the topics under examination by the research programme “Corinthia in the Ottoman period through interdisciplinary studies – COPIS” (2011-2015).

Hill Bert Hodge, “The Springs: Peirene, Sacred Spring, Glauke”, Corinth I.6, Nov 1964.

Blegen Carl W., Stillwell Richard, Broneer Oscar and Bellinger Alfred Raymond, “Acrocorinth: Excavations in 1926”, Corinth III.1, Nov 1930.

Carpenter Rhys and Bon Antoine, “The Defenses of Acrocorinth and the Lower Town”, Corinth III.2, Nov 1936.

Scranton Robert L., “Mediaeval Architecture in the Central Area of Corinth“, Corinth XVI, Nov 1957.

Corinth, the Centenary: 1896-1996, edited by Williams Charles K. and Bookidis Nancy, Corinth XX, Nov 2003.

Relevant information has also been published by Guy D. R. Sanders, director of the American School of Classical Studies’ Excavation at Corinth,

Sanders Guy, Ανασκαφές Κορινθου Oι Ανασκαφές στην Παναγιά (1995-2007).

G. D. R. Sanders, “Urban Corinth: an Introduction” στο Schowalter Daniel and Friesen Steven, eds., Urban Religion in Roman Corinth: Interdisciplinary Approaches, Harvard Theological Studies, 2004.

Barnes Ethne, Rohn Arthur H., Sanders G.D.R., “An Early Ottoman Cemetery at Ancient Corinth”, Hesperia vol. 78, The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2009, p. 501-615.

Sanders Guy, Studies on Medieval Corinth 1896-1999.

G. D. R. Sanders, «Η Κόρινθος κατά τις Δεκαετίες αμέσως πριν το Σεισμό του 1858 υπό το Φως της Αρχαιολογικής Έρευνας και Ανασκαφών από το 1959 ως σήμερα.», Πρακτικά Η' Διεθνούς Συνεδρίου Πελοποννησιακών Σπουδών, Athens 2010, p. 57-70.

as well as by Demetris Athanasoulis, former Director of the 25th Ephorate of Byzantine and Postbyzantine Monuments, Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports, (now Director at the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades).

Athanasoulis D., “Corinth”, in Heaven & Earth, Cities and Countryside in Byzantine Greece”, Albani J. and Chalkia Eu. (eds), Athens 2013, (catalogue of exhibition Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections, held at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., from October 6, 2013, through March 2, 2014,and at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, from April 9 through August 25, 2014), p. 192-209.

Athanasoulis Demetrios, To Κάστρο Ακροκορίνθου και η ανάδειξή του (2006-2009), 25η Εφορεία Βυζαντινών Αρχαιοτήτων, Hellenic Ministry of Culture Publication, Ancient Corinth 2009.

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